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Grim and Tina from Grims toy show in this new vlog of day in the life of grim experience Spending family quality time together with my dad on Father’s Day #vlog #fathersday

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Ethan Wenger : Wishing you a speedy recovery, Dave.
Kevin Cardona : I’m so glad that you’re ok Grim and that you’re able move around better and that your knee is all healed! To that injury we HAVE 3 WORDS FOR YA: EAT IT YEAH!!
Jesus Esparza Show : Get better soon Grim. We all here for ya.
Jason Ralston : Glad you’re doing well brotha! Don’t rush anything if it isn’t needed, just take your time and we will be here when you’re ready!
Silver Soz : Glad you're ok grim. Be sure to recover completely before getting back in the ring. Get better soon

포르쉐 911 카레라 4 GTS 카브리올레 (992) 차주의 리얼 후기 | 박스터보다는 재미없다(?) [차주인터뷰]

포르쉐 911 카레라 4 GTS 카브리올레 (992) 차주인터뷰

서우토반 유튜브 구독하기 :
서우토반 인스타그램 :

서우토반에서 차주 인터뷰 출연자를 모집하고 있습니다.
카카오톡 플러스친구 [서우토반]으로 연락 주시면 답변드리겠습니다.

메인 스폰서
1. 캄던 세차용품
ㆍ품격있는 신사들의 마지막 디테일러

2. 킴블레이드
ㆍ특수 실리콘 반영구 유리발수 와이퍼

3. 카이즈오토
ㆍ리스 장기렌트 최저 견적 도전!
ㆍ(추천코드: 서우토반 입력)
ㆍ서우토반 통해서 할인도 받고 선물도 받자!

#포르쉐 #992 #911카레라4GTS

BGM :: Dont Ya Lose Yourself - Channel 13
00:00 인트로
00:46 자기소개 차량소개
01:16 911을 사게 된 이유
01:58 금액 얘기
02:45 911 카레라 4 GTS 장점
04:10 911 카레라 4 GTS 단점
05:20 배기 사운드
06:07 글라이딩 모드 사용 방법
07:14 주위의 반응
07:35 구매 전 참고해야 될 점
08:32 구매 전 비교했던 차량
09:01 총평
차량 협찬 및 각종 문의 -

구독과 좋아요는 서우토반 컨텐츠 제작에 도움이 됩니다.
시기월드 : 토반님 오랜만에 반가웠습니다 ^_^
한 번에 두 탕 촬영 너무 즐거웠어요
실명제하자이지훈 : 내일 영상이 더 기대되는건 함정 ㅋㅋ
빈이 : 와..너무 사고 싶네요..911 부럽습니다..머스탱도 타다가 정리하고 세단으로 갔지만 고속도로에서 코너링을 봤던지라 그게 잊혀지지가 않네요..
다람쥐 : 차주분 센스 뒤집니다..
흰빨빨 + 벨트 노랑색 + gts까지 크…
Intruder : 지금 계약 밀려서 P2000 3000씩 붙여 파시는 분들 엄청 많더라구요 근데 전부 리스차에 이자 한가득 폭탄... 신차 내려서 탈거다타고 리스 폭탄 중고 피 붙여서 던지는 사람들 진짜 대가리 깨고싶습니다

이러니 일반인들도 계약금만 가져가서 계약 박아버리고 P장사 하죠...

F8 스파이더는 P1억씩 붙는꼬라지보고 P장사꾼 양심 애X리스한게 맞구나 싶었습니다

I'm BUYING a Ferrari 296 GTS! New Addition to the Shmeemobiles

I'm very excited to reveal that I've ordered a new Ferrari 296 GTS! The 830hp convertible Italian supercar has impressed me so much that I've chosen to buy the newly released Spider! To tell you all about it, join me in the 296 GTB at FOS for a blast at the Goodwood hillclimb!

At the 2022 Goodwood Festival of Speed, the impressive Ferrari line-up features the 296 GTB wearing a distinct livery that links to the Maranello Concessionaires sales of Ferraris back when they began in the UK, with 'Baby Blue' over Rosso Corsa. The interior continues the theme over the extra carbon that's included with the Assetto Fiorano option that introduces fixed dampers and lighter weight components, with the optional painted livery.

Needless to say, the 296 GTB is the Berlinetta (Coupe) variant, as opposed to the 296 GTS being the Spider, but they share the technology and hybrid system that truly impressed me, with a 3.0l TT V6 working in harmony with an electric motor for 830hp to the rear. The interior brings characteristics from the SF90 and Roma with the curved dashboard display, gearbox selector, touch control steering wheel and numerous lovely touches throughout.

However, what appeals to me is very much the 'Fun to Drive' characteristic that Ferrari use in connection to the 296, for both GTB and GTS. While my SF90 is a Stradale (Coupe), there's certainly an opening for a Spider in the collection to be a different driving experience.

The SF90 will definitely be staying, the 296 is not a replacement but an additional Ferrari to arrive at @The Shmuseum. It will be my second new Ferrari and I've got some great ideas already for the spec, it's going to continue being a very exciting journey with the brand from Maranello and I'm very exciting to bring you along with me throughout.

Thanks for watching, Tim

00:00 Intro
01:03 296 GTB Walkaround
02:23 FOS Supercar Paddock
04:10 Departure Mayhem
10:12 Following FXX K Evo
11:52 Hillclimb
13:49 Hypercar Chaos
15:10 Return to Base
17:28 My 296 GTS
19:20 Wrap Up

#Ferrari #296GTS #NewCar\r
ScottM : I’ve been waiting for Shmees annual goodwood shopping spree
Daniel Stewart : I never get excited about what someone else buys, but this is gonna be awesome. Congrats man
Aliyu Shagari : Finally met shmee today. There were so many people at the meet and greet but he made sure everyone had a photo with him and or sign for them. Such a great guy, congrats on the 296!
Ryan Puryear : Someone is putting themselves on the list for the next Ferrari hypercar.
casual : The 296 is one of the coolest Ferrari's in a while I think, never expected the V6 to sound so good. Congrats Shmee




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